Commodity Derivative

The Commodity Derivatives market has achieved tremendous growth in India over years. While in many developed countries, it serves a larger market than even stock markets, it is still new in India so it provides a lot of growing opportunities. As one of the pioneers in the Field, we are committed to educate and train people who are interested to engage themselves in Commodity Derivative market.

We are focused to provide training on overall spectrum of commodities traded in Indian market with our e-learning, webinars and classroom trainings. Our certification programs are harvested to help people grow their career in the Commodity Derivatives market.

Commodity Derivative

What we cover:

Our Courses are specially designed to cover all the fundamental concepts such as commodity index creation, pricing and valuation of derivatives contracts, minimum variance hedge ratio, value-at- risk based margin calculation, seasonality and basis risk at the very beginning of the course. It basically covers the introduction to main commodity asset class, its market structure and its main players introducing the concept of derivative instruments.

The second part of the program focuses on how to manage commodity price exposure through hedging techniques using exchange traded and OTC derivatives.


This course is specially designed to benefit everyone, someone who has no prior exposure to commodity market and even someone who deals in commodity. It will provide anyone a vast knowledge of the commodity derivative market which is critical part of any company’s business performance thus providing a good career opportunity.

Fee Structure: - 14,999 Rs + GST for entire course.