Technical Analysis

Successful Traders always looks for technical analysis to unlock the key to stock price movements to identify profitable trading opportunities. Technical analysis is a very complicated process that involves price lines, calculated indicators, and chart patterns. In this course, we have tailor-made everything to help everyone whether you are already in the stock market line and need to upgrade your skills or just a new beginner.

Technical Analysis is no direct science so it requires professionals who have experience in this field to teach anyone about it and KStock Advisory have just the stuff to take care of this challenge. It involves learning of methods to identify trends & turning points, developing self indicators, methods for price forecasting, understanding different charts, and much more.

Technical Analysis


Our studies are based on simple mathematical formulas which are used by many successful traders and easy to learn for everyone. You will learn the secrets of many successful traders. This course will enlighten you with new and unique ideas to trade in any of the options in the market. A certificate of professional Technical analysis can provide you thousands of career opportunities.

Fee: - 14,999 Rs + Tax