Research Analysis

This course will cover all the basic knowledge and advanced concepts in a very easy to understand way even for someone who doesn’t have any background in accounting. This is a certified analyst course to become a professional research analyst. Research analysis is a method of evaluating securities by understanding the market data, such as price charts, volumes and other to predict future market trends. So, it is not an actual science. This is why we offer this course with interactive classes and a faculty who is ready to solve all your doubts with examples and case studies.

This course will provide you the basic knowledge of research analysis, and then you will move to the next stage where you will get to practice on live charts and Software, methods of identifying market trends and turning points, understanding of correlating events & data, methods for price forecasting and much more.

Research Analysis


This Course is made specially to benefit anyone who is whether a professional or an amateur in the field. We will provide a certificate on completion of the course. We have a robust platform where all your questions and queries will be answered by professionals. It is beneficial to anyone who wants to learn how to read the market and construct & manage portfolios.

Fee: - 12,999 Rs + Tax