Currency Derivative

Currency derivative provides businesses a means to mitigate risk due to currency fluctuations. Currency derivate is still in the starting phase in India with limited trading but it still provides a huge market cap and great career opportunities. It provides 24*7 timing in the market one of the best features of currency derivative.

Our course will provide you a better understanding of currency Derivative product, ways of trading it efficiently and ways to control the risks associated with it. This certification course will provide knowledge of the fundamental of currency markets, specifically the Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives markets, how it acts as a risk management tool as well as the trading platform, i.e. mechanisms of trading, clearing and settlement related to Currency Derivative.


The currency derivatives course is designed to benefit anyone and everyone whether it is someone who is currently working this market segment or someone who has knowledge at all. You will be given a certificate of participation after the course completion. Our team of professionals will be there for you even after completion of course to clear all your doubts or any queries.

Fee Structure: - 9,999 Rs + GST for entire course