Merchant Banking

Merchant Banking is for individuals who want to make a career in the banking and finance sector. This course will provide the knowledge required to become a topmost expert in the merchant banking field. It introduces you to various asset classes for constructing portfolio and ratios to analyze the risk-return relationship in portfolio. This course is specially designed by our professionals who have tons of experience in this field.

It will give any individual the basic understanding of merchant banking in India and its rules, regulation and framework. The Merchant banker basically deals with issue management, post issue service, corporate advisory services etc. We will be providing online learning classes, webinars and live interactive classes for better understanding of the topics.

Merchant Banking


Merchant Banking has put its best foot forward in Indian market attracting a lot of people to become a merchant banker. Merchant banking has also finds its applications in the corporate sector which makes it even more demanding course. This course will help you get knowledge of about all the regulations set by government regulatory.

Fee Structure: - 4,999 Rs + Tax