Equity Derivative

Equity Derivative course is a completely planned program which not just gives experiences on the significance and utilization of subordinates yet in addition prepares a person for a vocation in the fascinating universe of financial assets trading. It likewise prepares them to bring in money from trading derivatives.

This course includes fundamentals of equity derivative products, pricing of derivative products, concept of volatility and its impacts, practical application of equity derivative, performance delivered solutions, innovative strategies to handle equity derivative and risks associated with it. It will cover the entire fundamental, basic and advance spectrum related to equity derivative.

Equity> Derivative

What we cover:

This program will enable you to gain understanding of equity derivative and its uses in financial market, it will introduce you to all derivative analytical tools and various strategies and approaches to help you become a professional in Equity Derivative.


It will benefit anyone whether it is just a student who wants to start earning early or a trader, sub-broker who is looking to expand its profile. This course is specially designed to look after everybody’s needs and requirements. You will be getting a certificate after completion of course providing you the professionalism of being an Equity Derivative.

Fee: - 12,999 Rs + Tax